Disinfection Services for Restaurants

Skilled Disinfection to Ensure Health and Safety

for Your Restaurant Establishment


Restaurant disinfection is extremely important to the health and safety of your customers and employees.  It is crucial to maintain a high standard of cleanliness so that you can  continue to serve your customers safely and effectively.

Research show that flu viruses can potentially stay active on surfaces and objects for as long as 48 hours.  Restaruants, cafes and bars are high trafficked areas with a number of high volume touch spots, making the chances of contamination and viral spread even greater.  RexPro can help eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria from your premises.

Adding a regular sanitation and disinfection regiment are a vital component to keeping staff healthy, the public safe and the daily necessary activities of your business establishment especially in the time of COVID-19.

Quality Food Preparation Begins with Quality Disinfection

Provide an added level of protection from harmful viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew by using RexPro professional disinfection services.

RexPro promises thorough and professional deep cleaning and disinfection of food contact surfaces, preparation areas, kitchen, sinks, bathrooms, reception and common areas using CDC approved and EPA registered industrial stregth disinfectants that are non-toxic to people, equipment and your environment. 

You deserve to make a great and positive lasting impression with a clean, inviting restaurant.  Let your staff and customers know and feel that you care.  Allow our professional RexpPro disinfection team of experts help you achieve that.  Call or contact us today!



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Why Choose RexPro?

CDC and EPA Registered Products
RexPro uses CDC recommended and EPA List N quaternary disinfection products for use against SARS-CoV2.
Disinfection for Your Needs
RexPro professionals will tailor a disinfection plan for your needs and circumstances.
Safe for Equipment and People
Our disinfection methods and chemicals are safe for electronics and equipment and not toxic to people.