Disinfection Services for Municipal Buildings

Skilled Disinfection to Ensure Health and Safety to the Government and General Public


RexPro Disinfection services specializes in providing professional disinfection services to municipal buildings, including city halls, court buildings, fire and police stations and many others.

RexPro promises thorough and professional deep cleaning and disinfection of municipal buildings using EPA registered disinfection products and CDC recommended application equipment.

In the age of Coronavirus, regular disinfection of municipal buildings is an essential component of any public health response. Whether it be mitigating the effects of the normal flu season on government functions or combating a global pandemic, RexpPro disinfection services is here to help.

Municipal buildings and their staff are the public face of the government services sector. It is important that they maintain a high standard of cleanliness so that they can continue to serve the public safely and effectively, especially in the time of coronavirus.

Municipal buildings, like offices, are high traffic areas with a number of high volume touch spots. Unlike offices, municipal buildings are likely to serve a larger and different variety of people from day to day, making the chances of contamination and viral spread even greater.

Regular disinfection treatments are a vital component to keeping staff healthy, the public safe and the daily necessary activities of the government services functioning, especially in the time of COVID-19.



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Why Choose RexPro?

CDC and EPA Registered Products
RexPro uses CDC recommended and EPA List N quaternary disinfection products for use against SARS-CoV2.
Disinfection for Your Needs
RexPro professionals will tailor a disinfection plan for your needs and circumstances.
Safe for Electronics and People
Our disinfection methods and chemicals are safe for electronics and equipment and not toxic to people.