Disinfection Services for Medical Facilities

Skilled Disinfection Safe for Staff, Patients and Medical Equipment 

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Disinfection Services for

Medical Equipment and Facilities

One of the concerns that arise when disinfecting medical facilities is whether the disinfecting methodology and application techniques are suitable and safe for the delicate equipment used in medical facilities.

Rexpro disinfection services uses CDC recommended  and registered methods of disinfection including manual wet wiping and electrostatic fogging. Both methods ensure a deep clean and feature EPA registered fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal quaternary disinfectants.

Medical facilities and their staff are on the front-line of public health and are exposed to the worst viruses and bacteria known to science. Keeping medical facilities clean and sanitized is an essential part of any public health initiative.

A medical facility can’t afford to settle for sub-optimal disinfection services, especially with the novel cornavirus, COVID-19, sweeping the globe. Medical facilities are unique challenge for disinfection since they are the only places that openly accept infected individuals on their premises.

The dual nature of hospitals, as a place for the infected, and a place for healing, make it necessary to ensure that proper disinfection takes place. Without adequate disinfection, there is a risk of infecting patients seeking treatment for non-infectious issues, such as cancer, with infectious diseases and viruses.

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Why Choose RexPro?

CDC and EPA Registered Products
RexPro uses CDC recommended and EPA List N quaternary disinfection products for use against SARS-CoV2.
Disinfection for Your Needs
RexPro professionals will tailor a disinfection plan for your needs and circumstances.
Safe for Patients, Staff, Electronics and Medical Equipment
Our disinfection methods and chemicals are safe for electronics and equipment and not toxic to people.