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Dedicated to the keeping your business and residence safe and disease free



Rexpro Services is dedicated to providing professional sanitation coating installation and disinfection services. In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that high traffic areas are resistant to the spread of disease is an essential part of the business operations.

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Disinfection Services

Specialize in proven and CDC compliant disinfection modalities including basic wet wiping, electrostatic and trijet fogging. Whether you have had a confirmed case of the new Covid-19 virus in your facility, office, school or municipality, or want preventive and regular disinfection to reduce the spread of germs and viruses, Rexpro is equipped to handle your needs and challenges. We are dedicated to the health and safety of all our customers and will answer any questions and concerns you may have along the way. Give us a call to get started today.

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Sanitation Coatings

Rexpro Services sanitation coatings are a long term surface sanitation solution. Disinfections services are great for immediate remediation of infectious diseases. Sanitation coatings are longer term preventative measure that are specially created to impede the ability of microbes to accumulate and grow on surfaces. The Rexpro silicon-ceramic coating provides maximum protection against bacteria and viral growth and protects the surface from staining and fading due to UV exposure.

Let us help you keep your business or residence safe and disease free.


Why Choose RexPro for

 Your Disinfection Needs?

CDC and EPA Registered Products
Rexpro uses CDC recommended and EPA List N quaternary disinfection products for use against SARS-CoV2.
Disinfection for Your Needs
Rexpro professionals will tailor a disinfection plan for your needs and circumstances.
Safe for Electronics and People
Our disinfection methods and chemicals are safe for electronics and not toxic to people.

Industries We Serve

Medical Buildings

Because of their role at the frontlines of healthcare, medical facilities like hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care facilities are especially at risk of incubating viruses and bacteria like MRSA and even Covid-19. Regular disinfection application at these facilities is vital to contain the spread of many types of pathogens.


Hotels are a high traffic area that have two huge drawbacks when it comes to disease mitgation: the constant guest turnover rate and the length of time guests are on the premises. These two factors increase the likelihood of disease incubation on surfaces. Sanitation Coatings are ideal for hotels, motels and other lodging and event spaces.


Schools are a great place to learn and make friends. But they are also a great way for germs and viruses to spread and incubate due to the large numbers of students they contain, and the close quarters in which they are enclosed, especially in the winter months. Disinfection treatments are a great way to help keep students and their families healthy.


As public facing government buildings, municipalities have a special duty to the public to ensure that they are safe places to conduct civil affairs. Municipal buildings, like medical buildings, are highly trafficked. serving new people everyday and for that reason are even more prone to contamination than schools & offices. Regular disinfection of municipal buildings is by definition necessary for any public health response.


Like schools, offices are a prime vector of disease and virus spread. The close confines, shared amenities and infrequent cleaning of office spaces is a recipe for the easy transmission of diseases and viruses. In the age of Covid-19 employees deserve the best chance at staying healthy and regular disinfection treatments can help keep morale high and employees healthy.


The restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors during the Covid-19 crises. Due to their high traffic, enclosed spaces and large concentration of hard surfaces, restaurants are a perfect vector for the transmission of disease. Sanitation coatings are an excellent way to reduce this potential and give your customers peace of mind while they dine and your staff the protection they deserve.



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