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Sanitation Coatings

RexPro Sanitation coatings are a long term, cost effective and proven method of reducing the accumulation of bacteria and disease on high traffic, high contact surfaces in restaurants, gyms, schools, locker rooms, bathrooms and more.

In the age of Covid-19 and other emerging infectious diseases, businesses, consumers and governments are looking for ways to reduce the risk of exposure. One of the main vectors of disease transmission is surface contact. While disinfection services can reduce the buildup of diseases and bacteria on surfaces, this is only a temporary solution and requires repeated treatments to fully mitigate infection risk. A longer-term solution are permanent sanitation coatings that are designed to make the surface hostile to bacteria and viruses. Rexpro Sanitation Coatings keep surfaces clean by ensuring that viruses and bacteria do not have a place to propagate and accumulate.


Maximum Protection for All Surfaces

No matter the surface, RexPro Sanitation Coatings can be applied. RexPro Coatings are 100% transparent and comes in Matte, Satin and Gloss finishes. 






Advantages of RexPro Coatings

Prevents Mold, Fungus

Microbial Growth

RexPro coatings prevents a broad range of microbes from propagating on surfaces.

Non-Slip Surface

It is slippery to microbes but not to people. The RexPro solution is non-slip for high traffic areas.

Easy To Clean

RexPro sanitation coatings repel dirt and chemicals as well as microbes and easily clean with soap and water.


No Demo, No Removal, No Hassle


Seamless Resurfacing Systems

Rexpro resurfacing solutions can help you resurface multiple types of surfaces without having to demolish or tear out the old surface. The Rexpro product line comes in a variety of colors and is easily adaptable to number of styles, polishes and finishes.

The main benefit of Rexpro seamless resurfacing solution is the ability to cover old surfaces like tile, concrete, hardwood, epoxy and even stone without having to demolish the old surface, saving you time and money and reducing the environmental impact of your resurfacing project.


Resurface Any Surface Without Demolition


The Rexpro resurfacing system can act as a flooring overlay for a number of different surfaces. With our system you can overlay wood flooring, tile, concrete, vinyl, laminate epoxy and more without having to demolish the old surface, saving you considerable time and cost.  The surface overlay creates a molecular bond with the old surface ensuring strength and durability.  The system can also act as a cementitious overlay for driveways, sidewalks, garages, pool decks and more.

Molecularly Bonds
to Surface
Creates Flexible
Waterproof Membrane
Increases Strength
and Durability
Adds Chemical

Disinfection Services

We specialize in proven and CDC compliant disinfection modalities including basic wet wiping, electrostatic and trijet fogging. Whether you have had a confirmed case of the new COVID-19 virus in your facility, office, school or municipality, or want preventive and regular disinfection to reduce the spread of germs and viruses, Rexpro is equipped to handle your needs and challenges.

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We are dedicated to the health and safety of all our customers and will answer any questions and concerns you may have along the way.  Give us a call to get started today!



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