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What Makes Us Different

RexPro Pools is dedicated to providing professional, long-lasting pool resurfacing installation services for your commercial or residential property. 

We resurface any area in or around your pool.  What makes us different?


Advanced Polymer Technology

We use a polymer-marble plaster that is waterproof and chemically inert while offering the broadest range of finishes available on the market. Whether sprayed on as a slip resistant texture or troweled for smooth, marbleized finishes our workmanship will guarantee a pool surface that lasts longer than conventional Portland Cement pool plasters. These outdated pool plasters often have bonding issues or they are too fragile when pool chemicals become out of balance. Reduce the frequency of pool resurfacing and enjoy the brilliant colors of our pools for a longer period of time.


Comprehensive Integration

Our resurfacing work includes pools, coping, pool decks, columns, exterior furniture and a wide range of other applications. This allows your design to encompass a comprehensive approach to the pool and surrounding pool area. With one single product aesthetic you can integrate many elements of your residential or commercial pool.




Our pool installation professionals are trained to ensure the longevity and lasting beauty of your pool. 

So contact us today for a free quote.  Explore our services and discover the many finishes and textures we have available for your pool resurfacing project. 


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