Oil / Gas

Operating in the heavy industrial market, Oil & Gas companies seek solutions to avoid production interruptions. Shutting down production to replace parts that are corroded, eroded or cracked is a necessary part of the Oil & Gas industry but can be minimized drastically by coating pipes, tanks, valves, machinery parts, and other equipment and infrastructure with our line of anti-corrosive and abatement coatings.

Since the very nature of all Oil & Gas materials are corrosive, all components within the facility are potentially in danger of corrosion, breakdown and damage.

Our line of product-specific coatings are formulated to penetrate and protect at a molecular level, rather than simply protect the surface.  The substrate actually changes its molecular structure to absorb the molecules of the coating.  We call this fusion or bond a new “Elemental Substrate”.

Once this unique molecular bond is formed the result is a formidable protective barrier between any corrosive and abrasive elements and the new substrate.  Abatement, erosion, and stress cracking are then substantially reduced.

Temperature variations often cause cracking to traditional coatings.  Once the crack or breech develops the substrate is no longer fully protected. Substrates bonded with our RexPro Sealers & Coatings products expand and contract at the same time, offering a decline in stress corrosion cracking.

The right protective coating directly translates to less maintenance, lower cost, and reduced downtime.

To learn about the right asset protecting coatings, contact us or a Professional RexTech Applicator to discuss the right solution for your specific need.



Protect against corrosion with our coastings, which create a protective barrier between corrosive materials and your coated and "bonded" substrate.





Insidious stress corrosion cracking can be prevented by using our RexPro coatings that expand and contract with the protected material.



Protect surfaces with our abrasion resistant RexPro coatings to prevent erosion.