Corrosion associated with the mining industry can best be described as a strong constant electro-chemical attack enhanced by abrasion and repetition. We at RexPro Sealers & Coatings have developed a two coating application system to aid in corrosion prevention and abrasion protection.

Easily applied in the field or prior to deployment, the two coatings were engineered to cross-link with their shared inorganic components and fuse together as one as they cure.  The resulting modified surface becomes unbelievably resistant to chemical, temperature, and physical abrasive forces, and is fused on a molecular level with the surface itself.

Protecting mine components with RexPro Sealers & Coatings mine coatings will greatly reduce chemical corrosion and abrasion of machinery, equipment and structures.  As a result, equipment lifespan is expanded and maintenance frequency is substantially reduced thus providing increased savings and improved overall mine safety.



Protect mine assets from corrosion with coatings using penetrating ionic hydrolization technique to encompass the substrate entirely.


Stress Corrosion

Due to the bonding created with these coatings, extreme mine conditions and cracking are not a factor.



Provide a protective barrier between the multi-surface metallic substrate and abrasion causing materials.