Heavy Equipment, Concrete Trucks, Fleets, Plant Equipment:

Keeping machinery maintained year after year through
constant and grueling wear and tear, and keeping it
clean inside and out are among the biggest challenges
for fleet operators of heavy equipment and concrete
trucks, as well as owners of large industrial plant
equipment. Corrosive materials, harsh terrains, and the
physically demanding nature of the work performed by
this type of equipment make ongoing maintenance and
cleaning, and the costly associated downtime, an
unavoidable reality for those operating within these
Until now.
At RexPro Sealers & Coatings, we have developed a
highly advanced, unique industrial level coating for
heavy equipment, concrete trucks, fleets, and plant
equipment that dramatically reduces both the scope
and intensity of those challenges while also keeping the
coated equipment and machinery looking like it just
came off the assembly-line. Putting it in a category all
its own, the coating works on virtually all surfaces,
including painted and unpainted steel, ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, and rubber. This unique
characteristic sets it apart from all other comparable
products by effectively eliminating the costly time
otherwise required to mask off non-painted surfaces
and to apply multiple coatings to any single piece of
Easily applied in the field or prior to deployment in the
field, the coating has been uniquely engineered to
penetrate and bond at the molecular level with the
substrates to which it is applied, resulting in an actual
molecular fusion between the surface and coating. The
modified surface maintains a new, shiny appearance
that is resistant to chemical and other corrosive forces
at a level simply unparalleled by competing products.
Protecting heavy machinery with our RexPro Sealers &
Coatings products allows for efficient, thorough, and
greatly simplified maintenance and cleaning.
Eliminating the necessity for having to use abrasive
chemicals, acids, scraping or chipping away buildup
significantly reduces the need for extensive
maintenance, component and wiring replacement,
repair and repainting of equipment. Indeed, utilizing our
proprietary coatings, cleaning equipment and
machinery is often reduced to no more than washing
away debris with a hose or mild soap and water. And
reduced use of acidic chemicals is of course better for
the machinery, better for the environment, and better for
your bottom line.

Reduced maintenance will not only lengthen the
lifespan of heavy machinery, but the additional up-time
will translate to a reduction in overall capital cost and
keep resale value relatively high. Cleaner and newer
looking equipment tends to nurture a sense of pride in
ownership in an increasingly brand-conscious age.


Maintenance & Cleaning

Simple and thorough cleaning equates in reduced maintenance, replacement cost, painting, repairs, downtime and overall cleaning cost.



Our coatings offer total equipment protection by coating the exterior, engine components and wiring with the same product. This greatly reduces prep time and insures the most vulnerable components are protected, and not just the painted surfaces.



Improved visual condition, company image, reduced cost of ownership and higher resale value, are all a result of properly coating Heavy Equipment with our RexPro Sealers & Coatings.