Quality, Professional Disinfection Services for COVID-19, FLU and Other

Viral and Bacterial Pathogens


Coronavirus took the world by surprise in the early months of 2020 and since then has spread rapidly across the globe, causing untold human and economic devastation.

The fight against coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 is not just the job of our first responders and public health officials, it is incumbent upon all citizens to help stop the spread. Rexpro is dedicated to providing professional CDC compliant disinfection services to businesses, schools, municipalities, offices, restaurants, churches and other institutions.


We're here to help.

Rexpro Services is dedicated  to help you stop the spread of COVID-19.


We follow all the CDC disinfection guidelines, including the use of PPE at all times to ensure that both technicians are safe and that there is no further spread of the Coronavirus.

The EPA registered disinfectants used are designed to break down the protein bond of Coronavirus, completely destroying its ability to infect a host, whether human or animal.


Let Us Help You Get

Back To Business

Rexpro disinfection services can help with the process of regular disinfection as business start to open up again. Getting back to business and back to our normal lives means to instill in customers and the public a sense of security that their health is a priority. 

In order to stop the spread of Coronavirus, the CDC recommends the regular cleaning of high touch surfaces such as countertops, tabletops, desks, personal electronics, keyboards, phones, bathroom surfaces like sinks and toilets, handrails, doorknobs and more.

Using regular professional and proven disinfection services for both preventative sanitizing or in the case of acute contamination of a site creates an environment of trust in your business, school, municipality, hospital or other public facing institution.


Why Choose RexPro?

CDC and EPA Registered Products
RexPro uses CDC recommended and EPA List N quaternary disinfection products for use against SARS-CoV2.
Disinfection for Your Needs
RexPro professionals will tailor a disinfection plan for your needs and circumstances.
Safe for Electronics and People
Our disinfection methods and chemicals are safe for electronics and not toxic to people.


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